Leadership Philosophy

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  1. I believe God created all humans for a purpose and equipped them with potential.
  2. I believe that all people are created to be leaders, make a difference, and add value.
  3. I believe all humans have a hidden leadership potential waiting for manifestation.
  4. I believe all people are created in God’s likeness and have the character of God.
  5. I believe there is a seed in every human. There is potential inside every person to accomplish God’s bigger purpose. God placed a seed in itself (Genesis 1:11).



  1. SAMUEL ODEKE provides customized services to organizations to develop their leadership competencies and culture needed to meet particular challenges and business realities.

For each client, my approach is consistent, but the outcome is one of a kind. Whether developing talent, culture or the leadership strategy that delivers on my business strategy, DR. SAMUEL ODEKE meets with its clients and help them determine the course of the actions needed to bring change.

My custom initiatives enable organization to:

  1. Engage my team in a dynamic and consultative process to build and extend leadership capacity for the whole of the organization.
  2. Tailor a solution or solutions that are specific to my unique strategies, cultures, and people.
  3. Work to address not only individual, but also organizational development needs for leadership. I also work to establish systematic, integrated leadership development practices within the organization.
  4. Build a collaborative relationship. Clients often rely on the experience and results of initial programs by engaging DR. SAMUEL ODEKE in multi-phase, multi-year, intensive solutions.
  5. Leverage CTSL’s unique approach to developing leadership at all levels of my organization.