Vision and Obedience

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Achieving a vision requires obedience. If you capture a true vision and you obey what is required of you then u must also develop the plan. You need principles to achieve it n obeying those principles is critical. Principles are different from facts. Facts are the present state of affairs whereas principles are fundamental laws […]

Personal Development

How to become a better you!

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Question to ask always: Who is around you? It is always critical to study the people around you or carry out a survey about them. Those around you touch your life in a daily basis. You need weigh the effect of the inner circle of people into your life n mind. Sometimes there effect might […]


The Negative Influence Of Culture

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One of the most dangerous things in the world is culture and tradition. Tradition is what is passed down from one generation to another, and it occurs through believing culture to the extent that it becomes real. The culture we find ourselves in can be a good motivator on one side and at the same […]