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Vision and Obedience

Achieving a vision requires obedience. If you capture a true vision and you obey what is required of you then u must also develop the plan. You need principles to achieve it n obeying those principles is critical. Principles are different from facts. Facts are the present state of affairs whereas principles are fundamental laws designed by God or manufacturer to guarantee performance.

If you do not know the principles then you will literally engage in experiments . Your approach things -Trial and error. That makes life difficult. The reason we have people not knowing where they are headed is lack of clear destination. If a pilot doesnt know the destiny the air traffic controllers will not allow the plane to fly. A destination has to be set before the departure.

To reach to the destination the pilot must obey the laws of aerodynamics. If they don’t use the those principles they cant reach. Life is similar to that analogy. If you are unclear of your end then you are going to wonder in life. Even when you are working. You can be in midst of challenges with an excellent attitude. King David is an example of a leader who understood the power of principles. He understood that the key to success is obeying principle s. Principles are statutes or precepts or word of God. The word or statutes of God are predictable. If you violate the statutes of God u can predict the outcomes of life.

Principles never change but facts are temporal. God designed us to live according to principles but not as per fact. A principle has no respect of views or opinion of any one. For instance if you violate gravity. If you go to ten story building n you violate the principles it will destroy. Principles are powerful n will destroy u. That is why there must be discipline to vision and self allegiance to principles. If you obey the principles of God you can predict the outcomes of life. I don’t worry about the outcomes of my life. Or if I will succeed. If you have a vision for your life you need to believe it.

Do not worry but believe it and seek God. You should not worry about people whom you think they are successful. You only need to obey the principles. If you remember the story of two builders who built houses- one on the rock n the other on sand. The guy who obeyed the word was able to overcome and stay strong. The person who had a house on sand was not grounded on the word of God. You can predict the outcomes. To be successful you must have a clear guiding vision. A personal vision comes from a glimpse of your destiny. When you see your destination its called vision. But when you do what you were created to do is called purpose..

A purpose is the original reason for your creation. When I think of vision I recall the story of Joseph. Joseph told his family n you know what happened. They threw him in a pit. When you have a true vision then you will be rejected. Joseph was hated. Do not let rejection stop you. Because that vision is true and it gives you reason for your life. People will reject u. Without vision u can’t be successful.

Vision gives you goals n strategy. If you know your purpose then you can’t allow people manipulate u. King Solomon said without vision people perish. The word perish means to throw out discipline. What is discipline? Discipline is self imposed standard for your life for the sake of higher goal. Discipline is when u police yourself for the sake of vision. Paul said in 1 Corinthians 6:12.

That all things are permissible for me to do but not all things are benefilial. I remember at age 22 I saw a vision for my life and the end of it. At that age I was already given my life back to God. I recall seeing what i was born to do and i have seen my life through challenges towards the goal . Vision is critical in life. Where do get vision from? You have to ask God. Nobody willl give u vision.

Your vision is your purpose in pictures. When you get a vision from God you will not fear those who persecute u. Why? They will become friends. Vision can take you to the pit or prison or crisis. Don’t give up. Keep on. Select a few friends to be with u.

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