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How to become a better you!

Question to ask always: Who is around you? It is always critical to study the people around you or carry out a survey about them. Those around you touch your life in a daily basis. You need weigh the effect of the inner circle of people into your life n mind. Sometimes there effect might slow your progress.

You must assess their lives. What reputation do they have with those who are productive, knowledgeable and respected? What is the level of their past accomplishment? What is the depth of their knowledge? Do they really know n understand the value of and importance of positive attitude, goals, and personal development n vision? Check: How many books have the read in the past 90 days?How many classes or seminars have they attended to develop new skills or refine current abilities?

How do they look upon the virtues of commitment, persistence, fairness, patience and deligent activity? Are they will to pay the price tagged to the future rewards? Willing to go through the process or they want instant success and gratification? What is it about them that makes their advise, opinion and counsel valuable? Your inner circle must not be people with negative emotions who supply you with negative energy and have distorted views or opinions. Those who access us – affect us but they should inspire us. Not to spread the seeds of doubt, fear and dissent with their pessimism, complaining and ridicule of others.

To keep a positive attitude in the face of life’s pressures is just to difficult. There influence must be avoided. Question 2: what effect are they having on us ? Have they got us to read, talk or do something. Are we performing what we planed? Are growing? Do we feel good?What are we becoming as a result? Negative or positive. Hopeless or hopeful, fearful or faithful….name it. It is very easy to bring into ourlives wrong people . Assess their influence on your decisions and choices. Sometimes it’s better to guard your mind. Your mind is like a fertile garden. If there is plenty of rain you will see weeds and seeds growing up or sprouting up within days. A wise farmer will remove the weeds. If you are going to progress, you will experience pain. If you want to change your life then you must accept to be a perpetual learn n be willing to learn. I discovered that teachers always know but to get from teachers the students must ask.

Progress becomes difficult if you are always complaining or defensive. Sometimes people resist to be taught. Teachers exist to teach. Usually wrong views, thoughts, opinions, perceptions and ideas have away they find their way into our lives. Just as weeds germinate when not needed. Negative influence is dangerous because it can change us but negative change is not easy to reverse. It’s like the way people nudge others daily. Be careful. If it’s done daily, weekly and monthly it can create bad thoughts and behaviour which can destroy the future. Undue influence or peer pressure has caused pain, regret n missed opportunities. If we are sincere then we can design and change our lives. Sometimes you diassociate.

There is great value in limited association or few true or genuine friends. I have a few-Michael, Joseph, Ben, Peter, Moses. For me i have people whom I receive their words without fearing they will hurt me. If they give me feedback I accept. I hate to be on the hot seat. But most i give minutes not hours. Remember that failure is does not occur once but results from accumulating errors over a prolonged time .I read 80/20 rule which applies to everything in life. This rule was given by an Italian by the names Parento. It’s often referred as Parento principle. E.g. Small group of people can produce big results. But large group produce small results. Jesus strategy is the same. He choose few men but see how many followes of Christ after 2000 years ago? Over 3.8 billion followes.

It works if I work it. Spend 80% of your time with 20% of the people who help you to produce 80% of results. If you are seeking happines must this rules , principles and strategy. The world we live in filled with both opportunities and challenges. Use challenges to grow and classroom. To make u better not bitter. Exploit opportunities to invest n prepare for challenges. After overcoming one challenges get ready for new challenges. After recovering from problems get ready for new problems. After coming out of a rainy season get ready for a dry season. If you live in USA then you must expect spring followed by summer then autumn n by fall. God designed life to be lived in days. You cant leave all your life at once.

It is always a day. When you add all the days you have lived so far you get to know how old you are. Your age is related to the experience u have. What is your story? Do not trust people without a story. Have they been through tests? How did they come out ? I discovered you will never be remembered if you compromise on things. I have things that i do compromise but there are those which are non negotiable. You need more tips? Pay me!! Then I can help you with deep secrets. There are no free things in life.

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